American Heart Association Announces Foodscape Innovation Awards

Don Pferdehirt photograph

Don Pferdehirt

With more than three decades of experience operating chemical facilities, Donald Lee (Don) Pferdehirt serves as the president of ChemOps Insights LLC in Spring, TX. In addition to providing insights on how to design and operate chemical processes effectively and safely, Don Pferdehirt pursues multiple charitable activities, including supporting the American Heart Association.

In May 2019, the American Heart Association and its chief medical officer for prevention, Eduardo Sanchez, MD, launched the Foodscape Innovation Awards, a new initiative aimed at recognizing food sector organizations and companies working to improve the American food system. Any organization or company in any sector of the food industry operating in the US is eligible for an award.

The American Heart Association is currently welcoming entries in two categories: Innovation in Health Promotion, which recognizes a recent innovation that has resulted in improved affordability, desirability, sustainability, accessibility, and/or availability of healthier products, and Innovation in Nutrition, which features innovations that have led to a positive change in the nutritional quality of food. The deadline for applications is September 16, 2019. The American Heart Association will announce the award winners this fall.